AdaWaifus the project and vision behind it

Welcome to AdaWaifus

Welcome to the AdaWaifus Whitepaper. The AdaWaifus are an NFT series on the Cardano Blockchain.
Whitepaper Version 1.1 from 2022-12-12

Our Vision

New communities are emerging around NFTs and we are introducing a bold, new platform called AnimeSector, for anime fans with integrated NFT functionality. There will be an Anime chat, an Anime related info page, an Anime image board and many more upcoming modules for people interested in Anime.
At AnimeSector, our vision is to combine spectacular art with ease of use functionality to create an honest and joyful community. This vision will be combined with our passion for anime and manga. We are merging all our expertise and innovative ideas within the AnimeSector.
Our founder Sven, has been working on the concept for this platform for several years. It all started in 2005 with the website hellsing-anime.de. The community growth and their feedback has been enthusiastic and overwhelming. Step by step, more features were added, until we gathered so many ideas that we made a decision to create something totally new. Over the years, an exceptionally comprehensive concept has evolved. The goal is to meet all the needs of people interested in Anime, within the German-speaking region, and unite their interests on one platform. For the longest time, ideas and concepts were tried out, tested, interwoven with each other and discarded again. Different technologies were experimented with, and above all, many new discoveries were made during this long process.
Behind the AdaWaifus NFTs and the AnimeSector projects, stands the devMonkeys GmbH located in Germany (https://devmonkeys.io/). devMonkeys GmbH is a web 3.0 start up with a web development background.