The starting point to connect all modules of animesector is Users can interact with other Anime fans within the different modules, starting from the base module. will be integrated directly into animeSector. The app will also be made available for Android devices in the PlayStore. The will be more than just another WhatsApp clone. It will stand out from other messenger apps with features such as a graphical chat room, emojis and stickers specially developed for the messenger and NFT integration. The core features of anime chat will be:

  • Private and public group chats

  • Anime graphic chat where you can move with your avatar

  • Different avatar borders (You can earn Avatar borders via events and for holding an AdaWaifu NFT)

  • NFT Gallery (Users can connect their cardano wallet to showcase chosen NFTs in their profile)

Since the is much less complex than animeSector, it will be released first as a stand-alone solution.

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