The AdaWaifus Team

Sven is the founder and a talented frontend developer. He got a precise vision of the community platform for the anime and manga community of which he is part. In his past, he worked for marketing agencies and built several apps as a free-lancer.

Luise is the heart and soul of the AdaWaifu family as she brings all the beautiful AdaWaifus to live with her astonishing clear artworks. She is a self tought manga artist with ten years of experience and well-connected in the german manga scene.

Alex is the backend developer of the project. He has a passion for technology, wrote the AdaWaifus minting Script,and is responsible for the blockchain related programming tasks. He acquired experience from his work as a free-lancer where he was working for large business customers in the fintech scene. He loves motor racing!

Tobi is a project manager with good team building abilities. He is a passionate Crypto enthusiast with organizational talent and is responsible for legal affairs as well as the financials.

Reinhardt is very talented with photoshop, web design and programming. He made the AdaWaifu NFT generator and also supports app development with his UX/UI skills! We are glad to have him on board!

Johannes is our DevOps and SysAdmin and a talented allrounder with photoshop skills and some years of knowledge in web development, network administration and coding. He loves coffee!

Pete is a first generation Cardano Ambassador. As Head of the Learn Cardano Podcast, he brings lots of insights to the Cardano community and is very well interconnected. He is also a SPO and does the marketing for the AdaWaifu project.

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